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Youth Day Interview

Last week was International Youth Day and to celebrate I thought it would be best to write a blog, sharing my experience having completed Year 1 of my Digital Marketing degree.

The progress I have seen in both myself and my work is incredible. During Covid-19 I was kept on as a Key Worker and although this was challenging at the time, having to keep up with the new workload and upskilling in a short amount of time, it was very rewarding. I learnt how to prioritise my workload to meet all deadlines and learnt how to effectively communicate with others as part of a virtual team.

There has been a huge shift in the amount of work I am capable of doing using my new skills. I am very grateful for Aspire as they have sent me on multiple training courses to upskill in different areas, outside of my university degree. This last year I have been upskilled in Adobe Illustrator and Premiere Pro, writing a press release (PR) and Google Ad/SEO webinar training. In this way, my workload has built up gradually and comfortably, I am very confident in my digital abilities.

In the image above you can see a snippet of some projects I have been working on this past year. The project I am most proud of is the work I have created for the new Digital Learning Suite. I used my training from the Adobe Illustrator course to create fresh images and bright flyers for our website. I also used my learnings from the Adobe Premire Pro course and Biteable training to create snappy product videos for social media. My literacy skills were sharpend having attended the PR course and this supported me when I wrote my first proper press release, "Aspire Development conquers Covid-19 challenges with a trio of new digital products." If you would like to read this please click here

If you had seen our National Apprenticeship 2020 campaign you would know that I am a huge advocate for doing an apprenticeship. In just a short space of time you will gain a wealth of knowledge which you can then implement back into your job role and potentially impress your employers! It is true that a degree apprenticeship is not for everyone but if you are someone who is willing to work hard, is self-motivated and wants a head start in competitive sectors then doing an apprenticeship will be hugely beneficial to you.


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