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Webinars or Virtual Workshops - Which is right for you?


At Aspire we are experts in designing and developing both online and face to face leadership development tailored to our client’s needs. In this two part blog we will be looking into closer detail at the pros and cons of both webinars and virtual workshops. This blog will also provide best practice senarios on when to use these tools. Katie Adams is an expert in online leadership and management development and is a real advocate for virtual workshops.

What is a Virtual Workshop?

A virtual workshop is used by a facilitator to explain and test skills and knowledge that can help individuals learn. The facilitator and participants have to use some type of video conferencing to communicate with each other just like in a classroom but from different locations e.g. using Zoom. Best practice for Virtual Workshops would be to be delivered in small groups, 12-15 people, to maximise learning.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Workshops

Some Pros include:

  • Use of breakout rooms for up to 3-4 people drives more involvement 
  • Activities and scenarios can be shared instantly into main session for skill development and practice 
  • Live chat, polls and use of whiteboards allow the facilitator to deliver an engaging, interactive session meeting the needs of the business goals 

Some Cons include:

  • Upskilling may be required on video conference tool (Zoom, Teams etc) 
  • Participants need access to the internet 
  • Some organisations may have firewalls which can hinder interactive benefits of the conference tool 

To learn more about the pros and cons of virtual workshops you can watch the full video below. 

Effective use of Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops with colleagues would complement the roll out of the values. Line managers for example, what does this mean to them, their role and how to use the effectively in their 1:1s with direct reports? This provides an opportunity to develop skills and confidence to apply in the workplace. 

Click here for Part 2 of this blog where Liam Widdop, Commercial Director at Aspire, will look in closer detail at Webinars. 

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