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Seven figure sum new business wins for Aspire Development

News content originally written for and was published on the BQ Live.

Aspire Development, has been awarded three separate contracts with a total value of over £1.2million, to provide the delivery of apprenticeships, after spotting a gap in the market and now featuring on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.

Trevor Wheatly, Managing Director of Aspire Development, explained: “The Apprenticeship Levy came into force earlier this year, seeing companies operating with annual paybills of over £3million contribute to the national scheme, with the objective or encouraging these employers to invest in their people and improve the quality of their training.

“As a people management consultancy, all of the services we provide to our clients is rooted in helping businesses to improve their performance through their people; we know that the people within a business are key building blocks of successes, and so we take a people-centric approach when creating and coordinating our products and services.

“So much so, because a lot of our clients met the Government’s mandatory requirements to pay the Apprenticeship Levy, we designed a range of programmes that would help them to get the most out of their investment, in turn helping to improve their businesses through their people.”

Having already enjoyed a close working relationship with Wincanton, the team at Aspire Development will now work with the logistics company to provide its Management and Leadership Apprenticeships across the business.

An ILM approved training provider, Aspire Development will also work with the Press Association into 2018, providing the multimedia news agency with ILM Level Five Management Apprenticeships. Similarly, the people development professionals at Aspire will also support NM Group to provide ILM Level Five and Level Three Management Apprenticeships.

Alison Wheatly, Operations Director at Aspire Development, said: “We’re thrilled that a number of existing clients – as well as new customers to the Aspire portfolio – are seeing the benefit of harnessing the opportunities the Apprenticeship Levy can bring to a business.

“Unlike a one-day training course, apprenticeships offer businesses a long-term view to help build, shape and mould their people so that they live, breathe and behave in line with the core competencies of the brand.  Apprenticeships provide a more in-depth and holistic learning experience over a longer period of time that is tailored to the individual, so that they can improve their performance, which in turn brings about huge benefits to the business.

“We’re looking forward to working on these new projects with Wincanton, The Press Association and the NM Group and can’t wait to see the results at the end of the process.”

The new apprenticeship programmes designed and delivered by Aspire Development and accredited by the ILM take a long-term view, working with existing members of staff in their clients’ businesses to upskill and improve their performance as managers of a team and future leaders of organisations. 

Assessed by an external examiner, Aspire Development’s apprenticeship programmes are quality assured and vigorously tested, meaning clients contracting with the people management development consultancy can be confident that their members of staff are receiving industry-leading and cutting edge training, helping them to upskill as leaders and benefit the businesses they work for long into the future.

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