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The New Aspire

Aspire's world changed forever on the 23rd of March 2020 due to the news of COVID 19 - a global challenge. 

The fourth Industrial Revolution required a big mindset shift to survive the sudden drop in business activity, adapt to different ways of working with our delegates and clients and innovate to develop a new way forward. This lead to change in the business as focus changed to delivering our digital offer at pace to respond to the needs of our clients. Aspire had to reshape itself in order to create a sustainable future. By creating new opportunities it helped shape a new normal.

Trevor envisions Aspire being a leading light of change and best practice best practice for management development, retaining the excellent quality of our programmes and sharing them in new and exciting ways.

“I have seen the business grow from a seed into a sapling into a fine tree, withstanding the storm of COVID 19. It will change and we will come out of it leaner, fitter and more sustainable. The most important values for me are Teamwork and Great Customer Service. You can't have one without having the other. I am very proud of our team, whether thats regarding older team members or the people who have joined more recently. People working together makes teams and I believe it is about teamwork all the way through."

Thank you for taking time to learn about the history of Aspire. We now have fantastic bespoke offers that have been created with our clients needs in mind. To speak to one of our specialists Please email or call us on 01422 241964.

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