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Maintaining good mental health during lockdown

Maintaining good mental health can be very difficult in the current climate so we have come up with 3 practical tips that we feel are beneficial ways to look after your mental health.   

1. Focus on what is in your control 

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty due to the arrival of COVID- 19 but there are a lot of things out there that are out of our control, so it is important to find comfort in knowing what you do have control over. The image above shows a control circle that our Aspire team has created and can be used by anyone. Why not have a go creating your own control circle based on factors that affect you personally? 


2. Enjoy socially distanced activities together 

The UK is currently easing the lockdown rules, and this means we are now able to spend time with friends and family in different ways than we could at the start of the lockdown period.  

Here are some ideas: 

  • Take a walk together in the country side and/or a local park.  
  • Have a BBQ in your garden.  
  • Do some home workouts together, a fun way to stay fit.  
  • Go for a long drive together in a car.  
  • Some cafes and restaurants have now opened, go enjoy a socially distanced meal together. 

Make sure you stick to the social distancing measures when undertaking the above activities! 

There are some people who will still have to take precautions as they fall into higher risk groups and therefore the best solution is to meet digitally.  

Here are some ideas:  

  • Host a games night with some friends on websites like 
  • Use software such as “Netflix Party” to watch films together. 
  • Take on a new hobby together and share your creations with one another. 
  • Make use of video calling software to keep in touch with loved ones. 


3. Maintain good general health 

It is important to keep an eye on your general health too during this lockdown period. It is easy to slip into bad habits regarding low exercise and not eating well.  

Make sure you are:  

  • Taking your medication on time and as your Doctor has suggested.  
  • Exercising for at least 30-40 minutes a day. There are lots of free indoor home workouts on YouTube. Even some the whole family can do! 
  • Eating healthy food in regular time slots. If you wish to learn more about healthy eating click here.  


We hope these tips have been helpful for you and make sure to share with others that you feel may benefit. We will be posting more content related to this so follow us on our social media platforms.  




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