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A great day had by all ...

 Here at Aspire, we recently hosted our second annual Open Day, and even if we say so ourselves, a great day was had by all! The setting for our event was Coffee Culture, nestled on the edge of a beautiful lake in Shibden Country Park, and although it was dark and dreary outside it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of our delegates inside.

After a round of tea and coffee (accompanied by the obligatory biscuit – or two!), proceedings started with a welcome address from our managing director, Trvor Wheatly. As well as thanking everyone for attending, Trev shared with the room some company updates from Aspire. Trust us – there’s lots of exciting stuff coming up, but more on that in future posts.

We then moved onto the industry update presentation delivered by Alison Wheatly, our operations director. It was a really engaging session with all of the coaches and development professionals discussing what’s hot and what’s not right now in the industry.

Sally Turgoose, one of our Management Training Consultants, then went on to present some of her learnings from a recent CIPD conference. She gave a fascinating talk (well – live demonstration, really!) of a session she attended at the conference on kinetic learning. Sally had the whole room on their feet trying out different moves, highlighting the point that some things feel more natural to some than others. It was really interesting stuff if nothing but a good giggle. And yes, we do have video evidence…

After a quick lunch break we then moved onto our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session. Alison took the delegates through an exercise about market place positioning and how best to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) to clients, before Anne-Marie Bailey from our marketing partner, r//evolution, took to the floor to deliver a session on social media. During her presentation, Anne-Marie covered how best to locate target audiences online to then promote yourself and your business through engagement, as well as some hints and tips to make sure your voice is heard across different social media channels.

For some, this brought the day to an end as we said goodbye (and hopefully see you next year!) to a number of delegates. For others, the day wasn’t quite over yet…

Delegates interested in joining our team as associate trainers were invited to stay behind for an afternoon session whereby they would find out a little more about the company and our brand. Then, we asked the aspiring associates (get it?!) to take part in a workshop, demonstrating their training and development credentials.

We’re delighted to say we were unbelievably impressed with the standard of delivery we saw on the day. We’re even happier to say that it proved to be a fruitful exercise; we were able to identify a number of trainers who share in our vision and values. We’re so excited to be adding to our ever-growing UK-wide network of associate trainers and look forward to working with you all in the New Year.

Until then, we’d like to say a big thank you to all who attend our Open Day. We hope you got something from the event and look forward to meeting up with you again soon.

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