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Give your coaching some credibility with Aspire

We’re at it again… opening the doors to our new training facility at our office in Holmfield Mills, Halifax.  But this time, we’re inviting coaches and other learning development professionals to join us for the launch of our new open programme.

The latest course we’re adding to our repertoire of open programmes is called ‘Coaching and Mentoring’.  It’s available to all learning and development professionals who use coaching as part of their toolkit – regardless if you’re an independent coach or working as part of an HR team within a large company.  The aim is to help you develop your skills and techniques as a coach, while gaining an industry-accredited qualification.

Coaching is a huge part of what we do at Aspire, and being at the front line of learning and development, we understand the positive difference it makes.

However, coaching is currently an unregulated profession and anyone can claim to be a coach, which makes clients wary.  That said, many coaches – just like you – are seeking the credibility their line of work deserves.  This helps you to differentiate yourself from others working in the learning and development sector, while demonstrating your skills and the quality of service you provide.  And this is where our new open programme can help you…

As a coach we’ll help you to gain new insights, as well as tools and approaches, to develop your capability and confidence in a number of different coaching situations, while receiving an industry-accredited seal of approval to attest the quality of your work.

Our Coaching and Mentoring open programme has been accredited by the Institute of Learning Management (ILM) and so you will receive a Level 5 certificate in Coaching and Mentoring at the end of the programme to attest your knowledge and ability to apply what you’ve learned skilfully in the workplace to make a positive difference in people’s performance.

The programme is delivered over five days in two separate modules to allow you to practice your coaching and mentoring skills between sessions.  The first module will examine effective coaching and mentoring practice, covering topics including: key skills and competencies; models and frameworks; and coaching and mentoring toolkits.  The final module will examine: emotional intelligence; developing relationships; dealing with conflict and emotion; and tools for self-coaching.

The first module of the ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ open programme will run from Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th February 2015.  The final module will run from Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th May 2015.

All modules are delivered from Aspire’s office in Halifax between 9.15am and 4.30pm with refreshments provided during breakout sessions.  The cost of completing the ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ open programme is £1,425 + VAT, and this fee includes all course materials, psychometric questionnaires, inter-module support and post-course supervision, as well as all ILM fees and administration.

So if you’re looking to give your coaching some credibility, engage in Continuing Professional Development, and further develop your skills in a highly practical and interactive way, visit our Coaching and Mentoring webpage to sign up today.

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