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Creating an inclusive atmosphere in the workplace

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This week we had started a campaign for #DiversityandInclusion in the workplace (10th-14th February 2020). A great way to promote Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is to understand yourself and respect others who might work differently. We created this campaign full of specific social media content that will help you do this. There are small changes you can make as an individual to change the atmosphere of the workplace and make it more inclusive for everyone.

It should be known that without inclusion, diversity is of very little value. In this Blog we will talk through some techniques you can do to include everyone, even if they have a different personality style.

The most important way to create an inclusive atmosphere is to create and emphasise common goals. It is known that different personality styles have different ways of completing a task. This is extremely positive as it allows new and unique approaches to overcome a problem, however, it can also lead to a disagreement between conflicting personality styles.

By putting emphasis on common goals, you can remind employees that they’re ultimately all on the same team. Here at Aspire we host team days which allow all employees to get together and present new ideas to improve the business. Everyone’s ideas and contributions are then put forward to create the Aspire balanced scorecard for the following year. This balanced score card contains goals and aspirations for every individual at Aspire to work to.

The second way includes questions that you can ask yourself during group discussions. These include, “Who speaks during meetings?” and “Who is listened to?”. It is likely you will find the extroverts taking the lead in conversations and therefore sometimes be the only ones heard. You can help pull others into the conversation with inclusion phrases. For example, “What do you think?” and “Do you agree?”

Gentle use of the person’s name at the end of these questions will make the question more inviting and personal, making the person feel more important and comfortable. Be careful not to use their name in every question you ask as this can feel like you are singling out the individual(s) and this is the opposite of creating an inclusive atmosphere.

Motivation is key for ongoing success in the workplace. After viewing our social media content on #DiversityandInclusion you should be aware of the DISC tool. This tool can be used to identify what motivates your colleagues. In most cases praise is the best form of motivation.

In this final technique we would encourage identifying excellent work and providing accurate praise. Instead of saying “Well done.”, it would be beneficial to understand what that individual has done well and tailor the praise to that. For example, “Well done XXX, you did a brilliant job in the meeting last week. The points you made were clear and concise.”

Trevor Wheatley, Managing Director at Aspire Development sends out a weekly update to all of Aspire’s employees. This weekly update includes tailored Shout Outs to recognise and celebrate individuals who have done an excellent job. These shout outs can also be put forward by other colleagues. Having a platform where you celebrate success will motivate employees to work hard.

We hope these techniques will be useful to you and your organisation. Keep up to date with our business, be the first to know about new client relationships, team events and promotional codes!

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