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Aspire 360 Feedback Tool Launch

Aspire is proud to announce the launch of its brand new 360 Degree Profiling & Feedback tool.

Simple and effective to use, the range of 360 Degree Profiling & Feedback tools have been designed to measure four critical areas of your performance as a manager including:

  • How well you lead people;
  • How you manage and improve processes;
  • How well you manage and service your customers; and
  • How well you drive performance and results in your team.

Regardless of your current level, Aspire’s 360 Degree Profiling & Feedback tools will help all managers assess areas of strength and equally identify development needs.

So why does 360 degree feedback benefit you as a manager?

  • You develop a deeper insight into what you do well in the workplace and an understanding of where you add most value;
  • You gain a better self-awareness by learning how your colleagues perceive you;
  • You receive feedback on development areas to improve performance as a team leader or manager of others; and
  • You can create a personalised development plan.

We’re proud of our product but don’t just take our word for it.  Here is what one of customers had to say:

“I really like the layout of Aspire's 360 degree Profiling & Feedback tool; it's colourful, clear and simple. The questions used are relevant to a wide variety of roles too, so it can be implemented for a number of different roles”.

To begin your development journey, why not take a look at our Aspire 360 degree Profiling & Feedback tool today?

View our Aspire 360 Degree Profiling & Feedback product range here.

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