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Lucy Pitt

NHS Hull CCG - Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme

Lucy Pitt is a Programme Delivery Lead at NHS Hull CCG, providing support to projects that deliver the commissioning strategy using a programme approach. Working as part of a small team, and providing line management responsibilities, Lucy wanted to enhance her skillset, knowledge and confidence, and enrolled onto the Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship.

Discussing what she wanted to achieve from the apprenticeship programme, Lucy said “I wanted to achieve a wider and more enhanced skillset to help me lead and manage effectively. I also wanted to gather more knowledge and be exposed to areas outside of my comfort zone, to increase my confidence to enable me to do my job effectively and further develop my career”.

“What appealed to me about the apprenticeship programme was the structured approach of the workshops and the course content. The pace of the course is realistic and achievable, and it was appealing to have a recognised qualification at the end of the course”.

Explaining how the programme has improved her capabilities and performance so far, Lucy said “The programme has already given me more confidence in my approach to situations at work, as I feel it has helped me to better understand my own behaviours as well as that of others”.

Lucy explained that the programme has been particularly useful in helping her better deal with different personalities, which was previously challenging. She added “The knowledge I have gained from the course has helped me understand their behaviours enabling me to alter my approach to situations and ultimately work more cohesively with them”.

Discussing other skills and knowledge gained throughout the programme, Lucy commented “Amongst other things, I have learned about situational leadership and have acquired tools that I can, and already have, used within my workplace. I have also developed my coaching skills and have enjoyed gaining a better understanding of the difference between Leadership and Management.”

Speaking of how this will benefit her team, she added “My improved skills have benefitted my team as I have been able to support a recruitment process recently and going forward, my newly acquired skills will be invaluable in supporting, developing and coaching the newly appointed staff members”.

“Additionally, I feel that my increased knowledge around behaviours has given me increased confidence when handling conflict and a better understanding of why the conflict may have arisen, and consequently improved my ability to handle situations.”

“For example, when handling team members with different personalities, I can reflect on my learning and consider how I might approach situations differently, so tailoring my behaviour to individual personalities and needs.”

“I have also shared some of my learning around behaviours and personalities at a team meeting which encouraged conversation and helped colleagues understand each other, and their behaviours better.”

Highlighting the opportunities that have come from the programme, Lucy said “I previously worked as a Project Support Office. My participation in the course supported my application for a more senior role, to which I was appointed”.

“So far the course has been fantastic. I am really enjoying it. The course material is perfectly pitched. I have no suggestions for improvement”

"The pace of the course is realistic and achievable, and it was appealing to have a recognised qualification at the end of the course."

Lucy Pitt, Programme Delegate

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