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John Ross Docherty

Wincanton - Level 3 Graduate Apprenticeship Programme

John Ross Docherty, a former university graduate with two degrees, now works as a Projects and Continuous Improvement Graduate at Wincanton. On completion of University, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in logistics and found the level 3 apprenticeship programme the perfect opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to succeed.

Speaking about why the apprenticeship programme appealed to him, John Ross said “I was actively looking for the opportunity to be exposed to a totally new industry that gave me the support system that would allow me to be nurtured and develop my career”.

“The Level 3 Graduates Programme looked to be the perfect opportunity; a chance to work for the largest British logistics firm, providing supply chain consultancy and solutions to some of the world’s most admirable brands, whilst continuously learning and developing knowledge and skills required to succeed in a fast-paced industry”.

As someone with two degrees, one of which being a Masters in Operations and Supply Chain Management, it was interesting to hear how the apprenticeship programme compared. John Ross commented “In hindsight, I was slightly sceptical of the fact I previously covered a few of the modules and the personal development theories that are on the apprenticeship syllabus.”

“I soon learned however, that to be able to discuss and evaluate the first-hand experiences gained in the organisation and relate them to the apprenticeship syllabus is far more valuable to my career development, rather than reading case studies back at university”.

Although John Ross explained that the knowledge he gained at university was vital, he found the apprenticeship route to be invaluable, as it provided him the opportunity to apply theory in a practical manner within a working environment. He added “The apprenticeship programme brings the theory and practicality together through a fantastic method of teaching which enforces you to go and make an impact”.

Speaking of how the programme has positively impacted his performance, John Ross commented “The programme has without a doubt, contributed to my increase in performance. From dealing with substantial operations projects, to having the confidence to provide valuable input in meetings that have tangible outcomes in the working environment, the programme has developed my capabilities to successfully contribute within the team and organisation”.

Discussing the opportunities that have arisen from his participation in the programme, John Ross said “I was initially assigned to the operations department where I was tasked to resolve the issue of Work in Progress. After a few months passed, and getting to know the Projects and CI Manager, I was re-assigned and placed in the Projects team”.

“The move has been beneficial to me. I feel I’m a valued team member, where I have a say in arising issues and have been tasked with some important projects. Most of all, I’m learning a great deal about the organisation from a highly experienced manager”

"The apprenticeship programme brings the theory and practicality together through a fantastic method of teaching which enforces you to go and make an impact".

John Ross Docherty, Programme Delegate

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