Go with the energy

Are there some parts of your job that you get completely immersed in and look at the clock to see that a couple of hours have passed in a flash?  Are there parts of your job that you put more effort into getting right and achieve better results from?  These parts of the job energise you and help you feel good about your ability and your job.

On the other hand, are there parts of your job that you do reluctantly, parts that you procrastinate over because you don’t enjoy them, or only complete when you must, maybe with a bit of huffing and puffing?  These parts of the job drain you, cause you to doubt yourself and wonder whether you’re in the right job.

It’s an interesting exercise to reflect on how much overlap there is between what you enjoy doing and the responsibilities and tasks in your job.  It’s important for your wellbeing that there’s a strong overlap, and also important to consider the leadership shadow this casts.  As a leader, are you radiating energy through your enjoyment and passion, or are you draining others by simply going through the motions?

Now, as a leader, reflect on where your team find their energy.  Which conversations in team meetings are animated?  Which projects are people keen to get involved in?  Who has ideas for moving things forward? And what are you doing about those ideas?

Just imagine the difference in results from a strategic project which has been created, developed and implemented with energy and one which has simply been mapped out and ticked the necessary boxes along the way.

Why don’t you tap into your team’s energy for your next strategic project and see where it takes you, them and your performance?

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