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Emma Benbow

Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship


Emma Benbow is a Catering Manager at English Heritage. She enrolled onto our Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship. She shares examples of how the apprenticeship has helped in her development.


Emma tells us about her experience and how she has applied the knowledge, skills and behaviours learnt on the programme, in the workplace. “I have learnt a lot about my management style, behaviours and my colleagues and why we act the way we do at work.”

She explains how this has helped her job role, “By understanding myself more I have more control of situations and I now manage my time better by focusing on what is more important and not being afraid to delegate work to others. I have used this to my company's advantage. This is because I have a clear understanding of the tasks they will be comfortable and competent with which enables the business grow.”

Emma found using the Behavioural Styles questionnaire tool to be very effective. She says it has helped her make changes to improve herself as a manager. “Through learning my own management behaviour I have realised that I am too hands on and do too much for my staff by always trying to keep them happy. This consequently effects my workload as I don’t make time in the working week to do admin duties and end up working late.”

“I now have more confidence in myself at work and I am not afraid to delegate.”

She continues to say, “My communication style has adapted, I now ensure I am clear with what I want and all conversations which are important will be followed up with an email.”

Emma has also found that the skills and knowledge gained from the programme have helped her in a recent stock take, an important part of her job role. Emma says, “An example of this is January’s stock take. I emailed the staff members what I wanted them to do, specifying deadlines and then I discussed with them in person to ensure they had a clear understanding. This allowed me to get other jobs done. Once this was complete, I realised simple communication styles really help me and my team with our workload.”

“I now have more of a birds eye view of what is going on within the working environment and this also helps my staff grow and develop their skills as they are forced to use their initiative rather than rely on me.”

What makes Aspire’s Management Apprenticeship programmes stand out is their practical nature. Learning new skills and knowledge is great, but it’s important that the development makes a positive difference to performance, both personal and business. If you are interested in improving the performace of your managers then our Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme will be of benefit to you. Click here to find out more. 

“I have learnt a lot about my management style, behaviours and my colleagues and why we act the way we do at work."

Emma Benbow, Catering Manager at English Heritage

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