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Effective Coaching & Mentoring - ILM Level 5 in Halifax, West Yorkshire

An inspiring development programme for those involved in Effective Coaching & Mentoring at all levels.

Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Aspire’s ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring training programme is designed to develop your skills and techniques in coaching and mentoring. Taking part in the training programme will expose you to new insights, tools and approaches which we know will develop your capability and confidence to use a coaching style in a range of situations, as well as in 1-1 coaching or mentoring sessions with clients or colleagues.

The Effective Coaching and Mentoring training programme is informative and challenging, giving you the space to consider your role as a coach and to learn and practice a variety of techniques to effectively fulfil that role. In a highly practical and interactive way, the training programme gives you all the learning and resources you need to complete an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring.

The Effective Coaching and Mentoring training programme is a five day programme, delivered in two modules to enable some coaching and/or mentoring practice inbetween. Here’s what’s included:

Module 1 - Effective Coaching & Mentoring Practice

  • The Context - Understanding stakeholder needs. Establishing a Relationship—Exploring what matters in a client relationship.
  • Key Skills and Competencies - Learning and practicing what it takes to be a great coach or mentor.
  • Models and Frameworks - Considering how to structure and manage conversations.
  • Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit - Experimenting with different tools to bring sessions to life.

Module 2 - Advanced Coaching & Mentoring Practice

  • Emotional Intelligence - Understanding why people behave as they do & identifying areas for change.
  • Developing the Relationship - Exploring the boundaries, focusing on trust and ethics.
  • Dealing with Conflict and Emotion - Introducing strategies for dealing with different responses .
  • Letting Go - Introducing tools for self-coaching and considering coaching supervision.

There will be plenty tools and templates for you to take away and use in your coaching and mentoring sessions, including Aspire’s helpful Coach’s Toolkit. Access to online resources, individual telephone support and supervision, and a group follow-up session will also be provided free of charge. Further details of this additional support will be provided at appropriate points throughout the programme.

The Effective Coaching & Mentoring training programme will cost £1797 plus VAT. This price includes all course materials, psychometric questionnaires, inter-module support and post-course supervision, and all ILM fees and administration.

Click here to view the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring flyer

What makes Aspire’s Effective Coaching & Mentoring training programmes stand out is their practical nature. Learning new skills and knowledge is great, but it’s important that it makes a positive difference to performance, both personal and business.  

Fantastic, professional, fun and amazing. Thank you. I gained so much on both a personal and professional level.

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