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Competency Framework Design and Development

In every organisation there are skills behaviours and personal qualities that are valued and which contribute to the successful delivery of goals and targets. A competency framework is a highly effective way to set out and share with all colleagues and candidates the skills, behaviours and qualities that are important in your organisation. You can use it as part of your recruitment to ensure you hire the right people and as part of your performance management processes to develop the skills and behaviours that you want and need to see.

At Aspire we work with our clients at every stage of the design and development of their competency framework to ensure that they have a relevant and useful resource that supports them to set standards, develop the right skills and behaviours and to measure achievements.

We use a simple and effective process:

Start by Listening 

We get to know the vision, values and plans of the organisation and find out from colleagues at all levels what skills, behaviours and qualities are important to doing an excellent job.

Design and development of the competency framework 

We keep it simple, focusing on the skills and behaviours that matter most to our clients and their colleagues, and we use their language, not HR jargon.

A successful launch of the competency framework 

We believe strongly that it’s our client’s competency framework, not ours, so we prefer to share ideas, experience and materials in the background and support managers to bring their framework to life.

Embedding the competency framework 

It’s critical that the competency framework is fit for purpose and has longevity, so we equip operational and HR managers with the tools to take a sense check every 18-24 months to see if anything needs tweaking as the organisation moves forward.

To find our more about each stage of the process click here to request our Top Tips for Developing Competency Frameworks.

I love the language (of this competency framework), it’s positive and shows that we expect the same behaviours at all levels, we’re one big team’.

Team Manager, StepChange Debt Charity

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