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Wincanton - Development Centre

The brief

Wincanton is a leading third party logistics and supply chain solutions provider in the UK and Ireland, committed to providing innovative, flexible solutions that help customers to compete in their chosen markets with confidence.

Wincanton asked Aspire to get involved with their talent strategy in order to support two of the company’s strategic objectives:

  • Demonstrate Cost Leadership - reduce recruitment fees for senior operational management hires; and
  • Unlock Potential - discover and nurture the talent within the business. 

As a development partner of Wincanton’s, we had already worked with a number of managers at all levels in the business and knew there was a highly capable workforce with the potential to play a larger part in its success.

What we did

Aspire designed a development centre experience that stretched delegates to operate at a strategic level; running a business and competing against each other in tough market conditions. Running the business didn’t just involve ‘number crunching’ business figures, it included activities such as preparing a growth strategy, briefing the Union and responding to customer demands to assess delegates against Wincanton's Leadership Competencies and Values. 

The activities were designed with managers from Wincanton to create a realistic experience.  Senior managers from the business also got involved in the event itself, acting as mentors and observers, offering their perspective of what is required to operate at their level of the business.

The centre also included a guest speaker who had carried out a very senior role within the supply-chain sector, who came along to share experiences and answer questions from the group.  


Several individual and group development initiatives resulted from this initial development centre, some of which Aspire was involved in designing and delivering.  These events have been pragmatic, solving genuine business and customer problems, resulting in significant bottom line savings for Wincanton and growth for their customers.

We provided Wincanton’s senior managers with a comprehensive review of both individual and group performance which was used to inform resourcing plans in the business.  The delegates also had a comprehensive 1-1 feedback and career planning meeting with us to develop a robust plan for their future contribution to the business.

Over half of the delegates have already been promoted into senior management roles, saving thousands of pounds in recruitment fees and sending a clear message to all staff that Wincanton values and invests in them.  Indeed, we now work with Wincanton on similar programmes at different management levels in the business.

I’ve been on loads of courses over my 15 years in this business, and this is the best development I’ve had, by far. - Programme Delegate, Transport Manager, Wincanton

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