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360 Degree Feedback & Appraisal Tool

How good do you think you are at your job? What are your strengths and development areas in the workplace; what do you do well, and what could you do better? Whatever your answers, would your colleagues agree with you? It’s an interesting thought…

At Aspire, we offer a range of 360 degree feedback & appraisal services, meaning you can garner a well-rounded view of performance from all aspects of the business – colleagues, customers, even suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our 360 degree feedback & appraisal range includes:

Generic 360 Degree Feedback & Appraisal Tool

This is our off the shelf 360 degree feedback & appraisal product which measures four critical areas of a manager’s performance: how well they lead people, how they manage and improve processes, how well they manage and service their customers, and how well they drive performance and results in their team.

Tailored 360 Degree Feedback & Appraisal Tool

As well as measuring the four critical areas of management - people, process, customers and results - we will also build into the 360 degree feedback & appraisal questionnaire a measure of your unique business values, competencies or behaviours to make it more tailored to your business needs.

Bespoke 360 degree Feedback & Appraisal Tool

Aspire will work with you to use our expertise to design and implement a bespoke 360 degree feedback & appraisal tool especially for your business.  Our Bespoke 360 Degree Feedback product will enable you to identify your core people’s strengths as well as the skills, competency and behaviours gaps at individual, team and whole business levels.

One to One 360 Degree Feedback Sessions

Armed with this knowledge, we’re then able to provide detailed 360 Degree feedback on areas for employee improvement (and even help you to put plans in place and deliver a whole host of training) so that your employees continue to develop and grow, contributing to your business, helping you to move closer to achieving your aims and objectives.

Take a look at the Aspire 360 Degree Feedback & Appraisal range here.

I really like the layout of Aspire's 360 Degree Profiling & Feedback tool; it's colourful, clear and simple. The questions used are relevant to a wide variety of roles too, so it can be implemented for a number of different roles.

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